Enjoy your vegetables in a whole new way
Dig In!

People have always dressed up their salads with croutons. Now we’ve found a way to lightly coat Grade A vegetables with a delicious crouton coating. The result is a crunchy, crispy vegetable that delivers on flavor, texture, AND nutrition. Healthy eating was never this easy or this fun!


A Healthy Choice

All Crunchtables™ offerings have fewer than 200 calories per serving, are low in sugar, and low in saturated fat (because they’re quick cooked in trans-fat free canola oil).  When it comes to nutrition, for example Crunchtables™ Broccoli, one of the most healthy vegetables to be found, gets you over 50% of your RDA of Vitamin C in a single serving!

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Delicious Dipping Sauce Recipes

We know that Crunchtables are delicious just as they are. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make them even more fun by adding a tasty dipping sauce. Here are a few of our favorite recipes.

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